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When Growl digivolved by MiniDragonfly
When Growl digivolved
Louis started to grow on Growl and eventually he saw Louis as more as a friend/ally.  Growl also became nicer to Louis, which Louis himself appreciated as wellAww.  Hang out with Louis for so long, he started brought out Growl's good side a lot.  Eventually, Growl became less cold and bad(but he still seek to be MegiDramon again).

Louis does his best to trap or paralyse criminal digimon with his "Angel Ring" while Growl fights themDo not try and bend the spoon ... .  When Growl digivolved to Guilmon, both of them were quite happy; Growl for finally not being an in-training digimon anymore and Louis for Growl reaching his goal a littleLa la la la.  After the mission that Growl digivolved during it was when their badge glowed and became silverSilver Square Bullet(meaning they went up a rank).  Louis stills took a long while to digivolve to rookie, but when he did he became less naive and more wise/aware.  Growl was surprised that Louis digivolved to Lucemon.

Growl now has his goggles now.  In the past, he got his goggles from stealing them from humans, but in his current life he just buys them from a Floramon(along with a couple of spares).Greizar - Jump for Joy 
How Team Firewing formed by MiniDragonfly
How Team Firewing formed
While Growl was trying to figure out how to digivolve fast, both him and Louis ran into Knightmon.  He is part of the association that helps digimon form teams to protect/help the digital world as well as giving out team equipment and such.  When digimon want to form teams, Knightmon gives out the form and badges help the team be more official(meaning that a team is given more direction to help the digital world).

Knightmon tells the two about digimon teams and the good they bring.  Louis is all for helping others, but Growl finds it not worth his time.I am a dummy! Roll Eyes   However, as soon as Knightmon mentions how digimon becomes stronger and can even get missions involving fighting powerful digimon, he caught Growl's attention.

I'm not sure how they came up with the team name.  Maybe both of them thought FireWing was a good name since Growl have the fire and both him and Louis have the wings:fire: damphyr .  Maybe Louis thought FireWing was a good name since it fuses both attributes of each other while Growl thought it was stupidFacepalm .  Or maybe Growl just jotted down the first good name that popped in his head while Louis agrees with it.:shrug:
When Growl and Louis met... by MiniDragonfly
When Growl and Louis met...
...Growl found Louis to be very annoying.

Growl was a cold digimon that seeked power and destruction(even as a gigimon:XD:).  He found Louis to be annoying since Louis was sickeningly sweet as well as naive(which Growl reads as "idiotic").  Growl eventually "befriend"ed Louis, though it was just to take advantage of Louis to get stronger. :plotting:
Growl could still read data back then, so meeting Louis he noticed something strange about his data as it seem like the type that meant Louis could possibly digivolve to Lucemon.  Growl brushed it off as a fluke, though he thought it would be even better to use him then to cause more destruction if he did digivolve into that.

Louis on the other hand, was excited to find an in-training digimon like him after a year of roaming the digital world.:earth:  He have seen a lot of digimon while flying(some friendly, some not), and Growl seemed really interesting.
Aneita into Games Chao Garden by MiniDragonfly
Aneita into Games Chao Garden
Remember when I said I was planning to upload once a day?  WINNER!  Not gonna work.

I realized fast that drawing once a day to upload immediately is not something I enjoy or should do.  I may be impatient, but I draw slowly.  Rushing it only hurts me and my drawings.  So screw the once-a-day thing, I'll just post themed pictures throughout the month.I think I've fainted. 

On to the drawing itself, I decided to take a spin to the chao garden while I'm in the Sonic Universe.  All of these chao are(left to right) Jojo, Rocky(bottom), Aelita(top), and Meteor.   The chao egg is what I'll be carrying around when it hatches.  If you're wondering what kind of garden this is, it's the Asteroid Coaster Chao Garden.  There's this lovely mod called Chao World Extended for the steam version of SA2B where you can change the gardens, chao, black market, and a more.  This mod may explain why my dragon chao, Meteor, has black dragon parts(I'm not sure myself^^;).  Oh, and Aelita is not from the same garden as the other chao, just for your imformation.
Growl's Past part 3 by MiniDragonfly
Growl's Past part 3
Yet another peak into Growl's past.  No matter how strong he was, for some reason or another, he gets deletedI'll be your huckleberry! .  Whether it be a Royal Knight stopping him, a group of tamers and their digimon, a random stronger digimon, or the Digimon Emperor taking his data to create a powerful servant, Growl doesn't get to stay and cause destruction in his Ultimate or Mega form for as long as he would have like.Herr Llama Emperor   That latter thing being an issue as things like that screw with his data and makes it take longer to accumulate more data to fill the gaps ripped out of him.  Due to that, it makes it harder to reach digivolution.

Growl once again hatched, annoyed by the fact that he got deleted againTantrum .  Unfortunately for him but is probably a good thing, this time he had gaps in his data that caused him to take a really long time digivolving from to in-training and rookie level.  This means it took him 2 years to digivolve to in-training.  By the time he meet Louis, he was still stuck as a Gigimon.  Though that was a combination of gaps in his data and the difficulty finding fight he can handle and absorb data at that small stage.  Growl still keeps his memories and skills though, but it doesn't matter when the rookie digimon he does try to fight are in villages and can easily outnumber him and chase him out or are stronger than he can actually handle.

As of last time he hatched, Growl was manipulative, mean, aggressive, and cold.Don't mess!   He couldn't care less what others think of him.


MiniDragonfly's Profile Picture
Aneita T.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States


Aneita the Human
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States of America

:pc:I come often;
usually to view others art. :floating:

:painter:I enjoy drawing and showing my drawings off, but not many people comment on my artwork; they just fav
and leave:hmm:. I get very lonely here and I'm not posting as much as I used to because of the lack of feedback
on my artwork:(. So I appreciate it if you leave a comment on my artwork instead of just faving.

:squee:I'm a big Sonic fangirl(as in; I've always stick with Sonic through thick and thin). I also like many
other things like various platformers and horror games, anime, cartoons, sci-fi stuff, and candy.:grump:What I
don't like is Chocolate, any sport games(excluding racing), and porn-related stuff. :bleh:

I'm doing a Digimon webcomic :batty: . After I finish my second chapter(mission 2), I'm taking a hiatus. I
already have chapter 3 planned out, so you'll see it soon after.

:giggle:By the way, I have an Neopets account, check me out at Neopets as aneitalt!:dance:
^‿^ I also now have a Colors! 3D account… . I'll post some of my
artwork from there to here.:la:

:work:I do art trades and commissions.:iconoo-plz:
:bulletred:Characters with no background will cost $5
Amy and Silver by MiniDragonflyGift for Toadette by MiniDragonfly
:bulletpurple:Characters with a background(or backgrounds in general) will cost $8
Requested- Princess Rosalina in Beach Bowl Galaxy by MiniDragonflyMama Ditto by MiniDragonfly

Just note me. :writersblock:

Favorite style of drawing I like to do: Freehand!




I'm MiniDragonfly, the artist's icon.

Minidragonfly: Dragonflies by MiniDragonfly

As you can probably can tell, (1) I'm awesome and (2) I'm smaller than the average Dragonfly.
Oh, and by the way; I'M NOT A BUG! I'm part of a miniture dragon species(that just happens to called 'Dragonflys').

My element(or my attacks) is lighting-based.


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